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the sweetness in my relationship.

10 Oct

my relationship with my beloved hawre is getting more and more wonderful. i must admit that he always do the things that made me smile rather than made me feel upset. well, yeah of course he did made me feel upset several times, but like i really care?? lol…

for the past few days, we chatted and we talked through yahoo messenger a lot. we talked about many things. i am now learning his language (kurdish). and believe me, im getting better with his mother tongue language. he he he. like xoshm awey. well, it means ‘i love you’ .

i really hope that our relationship will be last for million years ahead. i care about him and i can feel the same from him.he is a very good guy and yes he fulfilled the characteristics of the man i’ve been looking for in my life. lol.


so this is my one and only hawre. i love you so much honey. muahhhxc!!


Cool Expression for Instant Messenger ;p

10 Oct

Today we have a bunch of short expression for you to have more fun with your instant messeging. You can save sometimes and make your sentences a bit cooler by using the acronym below. Enjoy!!


AKA     =    Also Known As
ASAP   =   As Soon As Possible
BAK     =    Back At Keyboard
BBFN   =    Bye For Now
BBL     =    Be Back Later
BRB     =    Be Right Back
BTW    =   By The Way
F2F      =   Face To Face
FWIW  =   For What It’s Worth
FYI      =   For Your Information
GFY     =   Good For You
GL       =   Good Luck
GMTA   =  Great Minds Think Alike
GTGB   =   Got to Go Bye
IDK      =   I Don’t Know
IMHO   =   In My Humble Opinion
IMO     =   In My Opinion
IOW    =   In Other Words

IRL       =  In Real Life
ITS       =  I Told You So
KIT      =   Keep In Touch
LOL      =   Laughing Out Loud
LTL       =  Lets Talk Later
MAYB   =   Maybe
NP       =   No Problem
NRN     =   No Reply Necessary
NYO     =  Need Your Opinion
PDQ     =   Pretty Darn Quick
PLS      =   Please
PMFJI   =   Pardon Me For Jumping In
POV     =   Point Of View
RSN      =  Real Soon Now
RTFM    =  Read The “Fascinating” Manual
TIA      =  Thanks In Advance
TMI      =  Too Much Info
TTFN    =  Ta Ta For Now
TTYL    =  Talk To You Later
TX        =  Thanks
UKW     =  You Know Who
U          =  You
U2        =  You Too
UW      =  You Wish
WB       =  Welcome Back