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Is it ok for a woman to fart or burp in public?

21 Nov

Ok, so firstly, you may wonder why this post is about women, not men. And that is because it’s ok for men to fart and burp in public. Sorry, ladies, but it’s the truth. I wish it wasn’t, but it really is. Men are men, and they’d do it even if it wasn’t ok.

Now I’ll hit you with a fact; woman have more class than men. And men find that attractive. Honestly, men of the world, would you prefer someone classier than you, who you can show off with pride, or a dirty, nose-picking (something I’ll get into in another post), slightly loose “lady”? The former obviously.

Introduction done, now I’ll tell you all the reason as to why I’m making this post. Firstly, it’s an important question, and the second reason is four-fold. 1, my sister’s boyfriend said that farting in public is wrong period. 2, my Biology teacher said burping is better than farting in public. 3, my girl friend (that space means we aren’t together) always says she needs to “break wind” (she’s posh) but refuses to do it in the presence of anyone else. 4, the boys of my school happily fart in class, but the girls don’t, however they do burp.

Over the years, I have realised that burping in public is fine, men andwomen. I honestly do not know what my sister’s boyfriend was thinking when he said burping is worse than farting. So ladies, burp all you want. But fart? No, don’t do it. Yet.

The timing of when you can fart is like when you can get mad at someone. For example, you don’t have a go at someone who’s just become your friend, because you want them to stay friends with you, so you wait. And then one day, you can lose it with them, and they’ll still be cool with you. So if you wait long enough, you can fart in front of people, and they won’t hate you for it.

The moral of this post is, although farting and burping is as natural as wanting to sex someone up good and proper, it can’t just be done straight away if you’re a woman. Like sex, men can do whatever they want and society looks past it, but if a woman does it – outrage. So, to you ladies out there, burp all you want (just don’t blow it. Unless it’s at a cat, then it’s hilarious.), but wait a while before you fart. Slowly add more and more farts to your daily life, and people won’t even notice that you’re farting in front of them. Simple.