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welcome to my life :)

14 Dec

so its been almost 3 weeks i broke up with my hawre. im not even crying on our broke up and im not even feeling lonely or sad. maybe it is the best way for both of us since a long distance relationship might not work between us. so, good bye love for hawre and no more โ€˜xoshm aweyโ€™. being friend is better ๐Ÿ™‚ by the time being, i met this guy with a very great personality and of course a good looking i can say. he is actually my senior at my college and yes he is 2 years older than me. we had been texting , calling and getting closer since 3 weeks ago. i think i might have fallen in love with him. but, i not really sure what kind of feeling is itโ€ฆ im just scared if it is a way for me to forget my ex. but, honestly, i love the time we had spend together for almost 3 weeks. im happy being with him and i laugh to his jokes, and that makes me feel easy with him. if its a fate that the guy and me to meet each other, to fall in love each other and to care about each other, i am so happy and i never get to think many times to accept him in my life. dear you, i might have fallen in love with you, but i wanna make sure that your love is true and honest. welcome to my life ๐Ÿ™‚


my happiness ;p

13 Oct



the sweetness in my relationship.

10 Oct

my relationship with my beloved hawre is getting more and more wonderful. i must admit that he always do the things that made me smile rather than made me feel upset. well, yeah of course he did made me feel upset several times, but like i really care?? lol…

for the past few days, we chatted and we talked through yahoo messenger a lot. we talked about many things. i am now learning his language (kurdish). and believe me, im getting better with his mother tongue language. he he he. like xoshm awey. well, it means ‘i love you’ .

i really hope that our relationship will be last for million years ahead. i care about him and i can feel the same from him.he is a very good guy and yes he fulfilled the characteristics of the man i’ve been looking for in my life. lol.


so this is my one and only hawre. i love you so much honey. muahhhxc!!

My Daily Survival Kit :)

2 Oct

TOOTHPICK to pick out the good qualitiess in otherss.
RUBBERBAND to be flexible.
BAND AID to heal hurt feelingsss.
PENCIL to list my blessingsss everyday.
ERASER to remind me that everyone makes mistakes..and it is ok.
CHEWING GUM to remind me to stick with ‘it’ and I can accomplish anything.
MINT to remind me that I am worth a mint.
CANDY KISS to remind me that everyone need a kiss and a hug everyday..(console and support one another) ๐Ÿ™‚
TEABAG to relax daily and go over the list of blessingsss.. ๐Ÿ™‚

pending ;”(

1 Oct

all the text message that ive set to hawre is pending. where is him? curiosity is really killing me right now. i hate it when he disappears without telling me. oh my love, where are you? i just cant get through you. im scared over this matter. where are baby??? please reply me as soon as possible. i miss you so much. =(

hawre, i miss you =(

30 Sep

oh my love, i really miss you. i never get a chance to see you for almost 2 weeks. oh my god. honey, you dont worry ok. i am being a very good girl in my daily routines activities. he he. i always remember you wherever i go. i hope you take care of yourself and keep yourself away from flirting other girl. ha ha ha. i love you honey. kisses and hugs.