recap of 2 days diary ;p

8 Oct

this post is all about a recap of my diary for 2 days. thursday and friday were such a wonderful days. im gonna start it with thursday. i was having a very busy day. my college was organizing an event that was ‘malam satu malaysia’ . and the best part was, i had been participated in a ‘dikir barat’ performance. it was the worst performance i ever done in my life. it was very complicated with messy steps and melody. ha ha ha. since i was in the center of the stage, everyone was looking to my mistakes in the performance, and surely i did so many mistake. from the beginning of the performance until the end of it, christina ( whom sit next to me ) and me were laughing and felt very shy. i bet you all will laugh to the fullest if you all were there watching our performance. plus, i can heard all of the audience were laughing very loudly during our performance. ha ha ha. but, i was feeling happy tho. i took a lot of pic with everyone. but unfortunately, all of the pictures were taken by them. and i still dont have the soft copy. sad sad ;(

on friday, nothing special tho’ . friday is a day of me and my love hawre ;p

here is the pictures of me and the guy that participated in dikir barat. i taught them how to snap with poker face lookssss…. he he he….


im not ready yet!!!! this is before ;p

perfect!!! ;p


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