so, it was today ;)

6 Oct

i was having a very gloomy morning today. it was raining and i was hardly woke up and get ready for classes. i went to the class 20 minutes late. ha ha ha. thats always gonna be ervina. lol. so as i entered the class, everybody were doing their own stuff and most of them looked very sleepy. i guest it was due to the cool weather that is very comfort to have a sweet dream.  from the beginning until the end of my classes today, i feel the freedom of being a student since there were none of my lectures entered my class today. one of my classmate suggested to watch a movie. and as the result, a malay movie entitled ‘lagenda budak setan’ was displayed. i felt boring cause ive watch the movie.

and at the evening, around 5 pm, i had my netball tournament. i felt sucked cause my team lost in all the match. but its ok, we just participated it for fun. actually, we had been forced to be participate. ha ha ha.

so, it was all for today. 😉 06102010


2 Responses to “so, it was today ;)”

  1. Aiman October 7, 2010 at 4:30 am #

    ha ha ha. lewat pegi kelas. luckily teda lecturer masuk. lol.

    • ervinaernie October 7, 2010 at 4:41 am #

      ya la… hahaha.. slalu aku lewat bha… malar lewat ni… tp, luck is always by my side. mesti lecturer lmbt jugak…hahahh. proud proud proud.

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